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- Scientific session analysis 


- Sponsorship guidance  - KOL strategy 

convention Program Strategy

Metric-driven insights for healthcare Exhibitors 

Clearpoint’s Exhibit Intelligence™ analysis delivers metric-driven insights to plan, budget, refine, explain, and improve results of your healthcare convention program.  Our clients find our data-rich graphs and clearly reported findings invaluable in convention program analysis, budget planning, stakeholder communication, continuous improvement strategies, and proof of progress against convention goals. Our tools are a must-have resource to free up your time spent on data compilation, analysis, and reporting.

Spend Smarter

Let data maximize value

Audience dynamics

Track attendee profiles and trends, and their relevance to your business.  When and how to increase target audience presence. 

Convention Program scorecard

Powerful tool to maximize convention program value. Score meetings, set expectations, improve results. 

Exhibit Leadership

Understand floor dominance and brand leadership, and why they're not the same. You vs. your competition. Are you over- or under-spending?