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The big grey area in convention value assessment.  You know what you pay, but not so much what you get.  We’ll line up the opportunities and assess which ones offer ROI so you can make an informed decision. We’ll even track what your competition is sponsoring.  And save you the time of compiling all this info. 

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Don’t have a KOL strategy?   Perhaps you’re prioritizing a KOL strategy over sponsorships given available funds? We can help inform your decisions.  Our convention faculty-frequency analysis has been used with a KOL overlay to identify opportunities for improved KOL investment allocation.

Scientific Sessions

Your target audience attends primarily for the scientific sessions, so it’s important to understand the profile of those sessions and their relevance to your business.  Understand what’s driving attendees and why that matters to you.  Insights from our analysis have been used to determine dollar commitment to specific meetings and arbitrate how to share space of multiple product groups within a single exhibit.