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While consulting to an exhibit design-build firm, Kathleen saw a tremendous opportunity to bring greater measurement and analytic rigor to healthcare exhibitors and their convention programs. Clearpoint is the result of insights based on her nearly 25 years of successfully directing marketing teams and processes to achieve strategic objectives and revenue growth. Prior to starting Clearpoint, Kathleen was Senior Vice President of Marketing for First USA/Chase credit cards in Wilmington, Delaware, where she directed new product development for the world’s largest Visa issuer while managing a $30 million innovation budget. She has a B.A. summa cum laude from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. 

In information technology executive with more than 30 years of consulting experience, Steve has worked with companies ranging from startups to large and mature.  He has led efforts to create new products and deploy transformative technology to make firms more nimble, effective, and profitable. Projects have included SaaS adoption, cloud security, data analysis, software development, IT strategy, networking, and technolgy infrastructure. He has a B.A. from Indiana University. His innovations have generated 13 U.S. patents

Founded in 2009, Chicago-based Clearpoint is a solutions provider focused on convention program strategy, measurement, and analytics for healthcare exhibitors.  Our methods offer a fresh perspective on how you currently make convention investment decisions, measure success, and improve and communicate outcomes.  Our specialty is in creating metrics and using data to drive informed, objective decision-making.  With our Exhibit Intelligence™ solutions suite, we help you: 

PLAN your convention investment and bring clarity to dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.  Identify convention value and rank order opportunities for your convention budget. 

KNOW convention HCP audiences, and their importance to your business.  Quantify audience relevance by convention. 

ACHIEVE better results -- whether leads, brand impressions, knowledge transfer, or whatever else may be your objective – and show the numbers behind the results. 

TRACK metrics over time, and build strategies for continuous improvement. 

“Information technology is most valuable to an enterprise when it uses available data, whether 'big' or concise, to generate new insights that drive transformative business activity.”​

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​​“Clearpoint fulfills my vision of delivering clarity, objectivity, and insight to healthcare exhibitors for stronger audience engagement and greater ROI.
​I love providing
exhibitors with convention metrics customized to their specific business needs.”​

Kathleen Kanehann Wilson